Salvador Dali/Elsa Schiaparelli Collaboration…..

I read that Elsa Schiaparelli (an italian clothing designer famous in the 1920s-40s and said to be the great rival of Coco Chanel) had done a couple clothing items in collaboration with Salvador Dali. Naturally, I was really excited to see what two such amazing minds had come up with. I even called my boyfriend over to check them out with me, since he (like every other male) loves Salvador Dali. Some of the pieces even have cool names like “the lobster dress” and “the skeleton dress,” while others have names that seem less promising like “shoe hat.”  So when I looked them up, all I could say was WTF???? Am I missing something…

The Lobster Dress: Wallis Simpson actually wore this dress in a photo shoot. I think feel like this dress should have been named “Lobster Crotch.”


The Tears Dress: This is Dali-loving boyfriend’s favorite one. Maybe the tears remind him of the existential isolation of something or other?


The Skeleton Dress: I guess this is my favorite.. but still I’m not so sure. Plus, why does this mannequin have scoliosis?


Shoe Hat: Welp… I don’t know what else I was expecting.


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