Thanks to Early Pants-Wearers

In most parts of the world, women only started wearing pants within the last 100 years. I really hate wearing dresses so this is my tribute to the women who blazed the trail for me.

Wigan pit brow girls wore skirts over their trousers and rolled them up to their waist to keep them out of the way during their dangerous work in the coal mines. They were quite a scandalous for Victorian society.

Britain’s first female football team caused a stir in the 1880’s when they wore their knickerbockers.

Suffragettes like this one wore a marching costume that included pants underneath a skirt.

Marlene Dietrich often wore tails and pants in the 1920’s, which was unheard of at that time.

Other women may have worn pants, but Katharine Hepburn was the first to make them chic.   Her production studio got so annoyed that they confiscated her trousers in an attempt to force her to wear a skirt.  Kate responded by defiantly strolling around the studio lot in her underwear. Point for Kate.

Ugh.. I almost hate to put her in here because in the few movies I’ve seen her in, her early Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing drove me crazy. But anyways… thanks for popularizing these pants..


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