Get the Look for Less on EBAY!!

This was one of the top pins on pinterest today, and understandably so. It looks great. I love that the classically structured blazer keeps the just-shy-of-over-the-top accessories from looking too goth. I’m a huge fan of ebay, so I’m going to show you how you can get this same look for super cheap on ebay just by searching for the key words. Assuming you already have at least one black shirt already in your wardrobe, here is the rest:

Search: Leopard scarf







Search: Skull Silver Ring

Search: White Stone Silver Ring







Search: After a long time of searching for Long Silver Pendant necklace and not getting what I was looking for, I had to cut to the chase and just search for Gothic Necklace. Here’s what I got:







Search: Silver Chain Bracelet

Search -Structured Black Blazer: You want this blazer to look strong and angular, possibly masculine, but definitely not sweet and soft.

Last piece: Red Nail Polish

That’s what I found this week, but the glory of ebay is that it changes every single day. You might find something even better!


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