Myth: You Can’t Wear Brown Shoes with Black

This is a pretty common misconception, and you may already know this, but you really can wear brown shoes with a black outfit. People mistakenly think black and brown don’t go together because of the old men’s fashion guideline about wearing black shoes with a black suit.  In fact, its actually really easy to mix black and brown because they are both neutrals. Still, you want to look like you did it on purpose.  Here are a couple tips on getting started:

The most foolproof way is to get a pair of shoes that are both black and brown, like the pair below by Jeffrey Campbell. These can be worn with any black outfit.

You can buys these at

Not entirely foolproof, but still pretty easy is incorporate another brown item into the outfit (like a leopard print scarf, or a brown bag):

Or, incorporate cream into the outfit. It makes the contrast between the brown and black not so stark:

Final tip, its easier to start out with unusual shades of brown, like a deep reddish brown or a light orangey brown like this girl:

So feel free to mix your brown shoes with your black clothes from now on.  And don’t over think it. If it looks good to you, then go for it!